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Our Story

QuickMonday is a Sri Lanka-born company that offers cost-effective and efficient virtual assistant services for busy individuals like you.

“Back in 2002, when I launched my first business in digital marketing, I found myself engulfed in a whirlwind of tasks, from sales to customer service. As the business grew, so did my workload, pushing me into 100+ hour workweeks, hindering my ability to expand.

One fateful evening, amidst stress and disarray, the need for change became apparent. I sought assistance but struggled to find the right fit or navigate the costs.

Driven by this experience and inspired by Richard Branson’s impactful delegation strategies, I envisioned QuickMonday – a service connecting hardworking entrepreneurs with exceptional assistants for an affordable fee.”

Roshana Mallawaarachchi, CEO


Since our inception, we have supported over a thousand entrepreneurs, sustaining businesses, especially during the challenges of the Covid era. We’ve earned multiple awards and assembled a team of over a hundred virtual assistants, each boasting an average of 10 years’ experience from esteemed companies.

Our mission  is simple yet powerful – to alleviate your stress, enhance organization, and empower you to achieve more. Together, let’s create a path where you can do more, achieve more, and ultimately, earn more.

Welcome to QuickMonday, where our dedication is centered on your success. Let’s navigate this journey together, with stress-free productivity and unparalleled support at your fingertips.