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Frequently Asked Questions

With a managed virtual assistant service, you hire the service provider, not an individual assistant. You get a team of account managers that document your processes, performance managers that train assistants on your procedures and preferences, and backup assistants, so you never have to start over. No management, HR, payroll, or other overhead is required.

Our assistants can do any task that is repetitive and teachable. Broad categories include: 

  • Traditional admin work (schedule management, travel planning, and expense, data entry). 
  • Sales support (CRM management, following up on leads, schedule calls). 
  • Back-office automation (data entry, light bookkeeping, invoicing). 

Just a few days. You take a short survey to define what you want the assistant to do, and we take it from there. An onboarding call of an hour or less is all the time you’ll need to invest.

No. We ask for one month commitment to reach your “sweet spot,” and after that, you pay on a month-to-month basis.

No training is required on your part! Our Engagement Managers are experts at getting your processes and preferences out of your head and documenting them so that an assistant can do them for you. It usually takes about an hour.

Yes. We aim to amplify our employees as well as our members. We offer competitive salaries, benefits, training, coaching, and mentor.

Yes, rollover hours are available for the Solopreneur plan, but not for other plans.

Yes. All our assistants are fluent in English, and we train them on professional communication skills. Most are college-educated or in college. We regularly do phone outreach on clients’ behalf.

While our assistants are trained in multiple different software programs, we’re able to learn the tools you are already using. If your assistant is unfamiliar with a particular software you use, chances are someone else on the team has experience with it who will be able to train them on it. Check out the most common tools we utilize.

Absolutely. You will have two fully trained backup assistants that can step in when the primary assistant is absent, leaves, or doesn’t work out.

Security is paramount for us. Our assistants, employed by us, operate in highly secure facilities using protected servers and networks. Access to your systems is encrypted and controlled. Background checks and confidentiality agreements are mandatory for all employees.

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