About Us

Being a premium virtual assistant company that takes pride in offering nothing less than the best when it comes to premium services, we have highly skilled assistants with vast knowledge in the business world. Since it’s inception in the year 2013, QuickMonday has never compromised on its quality when it comes to carrying out task responsibly and representing businesses. Our professional virtual assistants carry out all the activities on your to-do-list and lift the burden of doing it all by yourself.

As an entrepreneur, the goal is to work smart and not just hard. For you to achieve your goals, increase your profits and growth, you need to find away to delegate some time consuming task to a virtual assistant. Although, finding a perfect virtual assistant that suits your business is quite difficult. At QuickMonday, we are here to help you out with that, by making it easy for you to outsource your work to a Virtual assistant that is trusted and reliable.

In other to offer you our client quality services, overtime we have seeked and picked the best virtual assistant across different high profile companies. Each one of these virtual assistants were put through several phases of screening and finally chosen based on their experience. With this pattern, we have been able to provide the best virtual assistant services to over 1000+ clients since our inception.

Our Team

Roshana Mallawaarachchi Founder & CEO
Rika Navaratne Client Success Adviser
Oshani De Silva
Oshani De Silva Chief Operating Officer
Keerthi Hari Chief Marketing Officer
Kalpani Chandrasena Chief Technology Officer
Tini Shehara Human Resource Manager