What We Do

Ever wanted something more than what AI (Artificial Intelligence) has to offer in your business? Then you need a Virtual Assistant! A virtual assistant is a complete package of all the essentials that a business need to have an exponential growth. With our team virtual assistants, your business gets an all-in-one package which comprises of knowledge, skills, and experience. Below is a concise list of the packages that we do offer on a regular basis.

Personal Assistant

Hiring a virtual Personal Assistant mainly depends on certain factors. These includes the type of services your business offers and your goals and objectives. But in general, a virtual Personal Assistant is professional whose primary objective is to offer support with the basic administrative tasks of a business. He or she does this remotely at a particular location which can either be at an office or home.

Data Entry Assistant

Being a professional brand that aims to serve its customers best, we have Data Entry virtual assistants with vast experience. This simply means you will be saving an operation cost of about 70% by hiring from us. Also, payment has been made as easy as possible to suit whatever plan you have. As a business, you get to pay on an hourly basis.

Small Business Assistant

We understand the fact that small businesses and start-ups have distinctive needs to help support the services of their businesses. To meet up with every individual demand, we have designed multiple options for small businesses. Each of these options are high customized to meet a certain set of needs.

Social Media Marketing Assistant

There is a huge gap between methodologies that works and those that doesn’t. Apart from just being able to create and manage a business Facebook page or post content on a blog, your business needs a social media assistant who has vast experience when it comes to the management of multiple sites, platforms, and channels used for online marketing.

Compare Prices & Products

At QuickMonday, our services are top-notch! In order to keep up with this standards, we use methods that are most effective to train our virtual assistants in areas of product researching and effective business management. Also, we train our professionals to always consider variables and narrow results.

Website Maintenance & E-Commerce

In whichever area your business needs the help of a virtual assistant, we are ready to offer just that. From inventory management to product listing and customer service, we as a virtual assistant company capable of taking care of that. With this in place, you will be able to focus on the big picture which is the effective management of your company.

Bookkeeping Assistant

Maybe you are looking for a Bookkeeping virtual assistant who will help to enter your business expenses into a cloud-based accounting software, reconcile statements, and other random book keeping activities, we have a team of professional Bookkeeping virtual assistants who can render all the support you need to take care of these time-consuming tasks.

Email Assistant

When it comes to Email related services, your QuickMonday assistant offers nothing but the best. Our email assistants offers dozens of services which includes email management, live chat support, order processing, and other relevant services.

Internet Research Assistant

Perhaps you don’t have enough manpower or the time to carry out researches, our QuickMonday internet research assistant will provide you with the support you need to conduct researches. Our virtual assistants are experienced in different businesses and are good enough to help you out.

Travel Planning

Do you want an assistant who will cater for all your travel needs? A QuickMonday assistant is all you need. Our professional virtual assistants will help you with your travel plans, booking of flights, and hotel bookings.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Despite the wide range of services that Realtors do offer, a good virtual assistant can offer just the same without a thing lacking behind.

Scheduling & Planning

Our virtual assistants have years of experience in calendar management, and are trained on the most effective methods for fast, error-free scheduling.