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Last Updated: December 1, 2023

Confidentiality and Data Security

At QuickMonday, safeguarding the confidentiality and security of our users’ information is of utmost importance. We have implemented robust security measures across our website to ensure the protection of all sensitive data.

Data Handling

When handling client information or user data on QuickMonday’s website, we employ strict protocols and processes. We work collaboratively with clients to determine which data and systems are accessible to our team and ensure their secure handling.

Human Security Systems

Our workforce undergoes rigorous background checks, signs confidentiality agreements, and is trained extensively in security procedures. Managers are equipped to monitor and coach team members on proper security practices.

Information Security Systems
  • Endpoint Management: All devices connected to our networks are equipped with updated security software and hardware to detect and respond to potential threats.
  • Single Sign-On: Ensuring secure authentication for sessions and end-users.
  • Password Management: A robust infrastructure to secure logins, utilizing single sign-on for access.
  • Cloud Security: Our applications are hosted on industry-leading, cloud platforms with complete backup and redundancy measures.
  • IP Restrictions: Limiting access to known IP addresses enhances our security measures.
Physical Security Systems

While our employees may work remotely, we maintain strict measures for physical security:

  • Security Cards: Access to buildings and office spaces is restricted via secure key cards/ID cards.
  • Security Guards/Alarms: Deployed in international locations as per specific environment requirements.
  • Video Monitoring: Implemented for an additional layer of security.
  • Biometrics: Utilized to verify employee identities where applicable.

Note: Some employees do work from home on a regular or hybrid basis. Data integrity is maintained with multi-factor authentication on all applications as well as additional security measures.